SkateFreestyle workshop attendees range from skaters who are curious about slalom, but have never so much as seen a cone in real life, to national champions who might have a higher competition level than Megan or Naomi, who want help with transitions, nailing a troublesome technical move, style, choreography, or quite often just want to harvest new moves but are bored of going through competition videos frame by frame.

There are several ways to modify the style with which someone slaloms, and this is usually the principal focus for many advanced slalomers.

Another point of current focus for many advanced slalomers and judges alike is improving the quality of highly technical tricks. Competitions are increasingly separating those that can merely 'do' the tricks, and those that can do them well and with confidence. This can usually come down to very subtle changes that often only show up with a video review and experienced eye.

Competition preparation and combo creation is another area that experienced slalomers also request guidance and coaching with.

Whatever you are looking for, it is recommended to send us an email to discuss your individual needs in advance of a workshop so that you can optimize your workshop.

The addition of Megan McIntosh to SkateFreestyle has significantly increased the top level of coaching available, as she develops the teaching of highly technical wheeling and sitting tricks along with other more freestyle related high difficulty level techniques