SkateFreestyle Team


The 'SkateFreestyle Hall of Fame would appear to be replacing Team SkateFreestyle. Team SkateFreestyle is/was a collection of hand picked skaters from 5 different nations. A union between the SkateFreestyle taught & coached skaters of the USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia, and operated as a good old fashioned team. Thanks to the World Wide Web, they could all work together, sharing monthly progress via youtube, and laughing scornfully at each others skating *feel the love*. The ethos of the team and these skaters is all about the fun of competition, and doing well in competition is merely a pretty damned convenient side effect... 

Becoming a member of the SkateFreestyle team is certainly not a decision one takes lightly. Each day the team members wake up at 4am to begin their stretching exercises. An hour later the team eats breakfast, which consists of a small bowl of raw rice and a glass of tomato juice.

The team members then ritually chastise themselves with bamboo sticks - one for every cone they knock over. Often this takes many many hours...

Training begins in the temple courtyard at precisely 12 noon. The team ties their hands behind their backs to ensure they don't get into bad habits. Unfortunately, this means they have to replace the cones with their mouths - their trade secret to ensuring sufficient knee-bend.

The day ends with a short swim of the sacred lake, 5000 lengths or so, for fitness. If they can complete these before the resident monk completes his meditation and rings the temple bell, then they are allowed to eat dinner.