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Firstly, be aware that you can do freestyle in pretty much any skates - speed skates, quad skates, recreational skates, hockey skates, aggressive skates. (If these are your choices, go with the hockey skates!) This is true of any discipline -- you can ride ramps with speed skates, recreational skates, freestyle skates or hockey skates as well as the usual aggressive skates and quad skates. Skates are skates, and all that having a specialised skate does is make what you’re doing considerably easier. So, don’t procrastinate getting started simply because you don’t have the ‘right’ pair for the job.

However, having the correct pair of skates for the job does make freestyle, and particularly freestyle slalom, much much easier! Even the advancements made each year can increase a competitors chances of being able to hold an edge or perform a one wheeled trick.