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Preparing for Competitions

You have probably avoided this part of the book because you don't think its for you – you're just slaloming for fun, for no one but yourself and you're not interested in competing. You're not all full of yourself and you have nothing to prove...

If this is how you are currently thinking then you should take the time to think again. Its not about showing off or putting yourself up on a pedestal to embarrass yourself on, it is instead about taking part and more like a glorified karaoke night or a show & tell party between friends.

Once you have taken part, you will see that at competitions there is a difference between those who take part, and those that don't. Those that take part are part of the party, part of an exclusive club of skaters & friends, whatever their level and I have very rarely come across anyone who has been unsure about taking part and not felt absolutely delighted about going and giving it a go. Particularly when everything went wrong for them – It makes you feel alive and part of the occasion.

You could say that 'competitions' are pretty much just a fun skate event where slalom skaters can get together and play together, with a tournament as the central format.

Types of competition

There are 2 main styles of competition being used in the world at the moment for freestyle slalom: Classic style and Battle style competitions.

'Classic' style is the original style which started back in the 1990’s in Europe. Similar to many Olympic sports, each skater has an opportunity to give a usually pre-prepared presentation to a panel of judges. Points are given which are used to give the skaters their competition ranking.

'Battle' style is a more recent development, starting in 2005. Based on the competition style of other street sports such as BMX flatland, competitors are put into groups, and fight it out within those groups, with about half of each group proceeding through to the next round. This continues until the final group, where the remaining riders are ranked.