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This is me, the author of this section:


I've been teaching freestyle slalom skating around the globe since 2002 and during that time the same questions and challenges have faced students no matter their level or experience.

My resulting workshop & retreat theory sessions became extensive, varied, but out of reach for those that were not able to attend my classes. This lead me to write this manual - I wanted to collect everything in one place as a resource for new & experienced learners of freestyle slalom wherever they live. I always intended to publish it as a physical book, and that might still happen, however now that I've all but retired from traveling for coaching, the enquiries about the book have increased and this is my way of making it available for all.

About This 'Book'

This site is for skaters who want to transform their skating. Whether you are just getting started in freestyle slalom or are an experienced slalomer, or even a skater from another discipline who is looking to improve your core skills, the lessons found here will help you pick up tricks faster, improve the quality of your skating, and troubleshoot problems. For those who want to compete, there is a section covering all the details of that process. While the information here is aimed at inline skaters, almost all of it applies to quad skates as well.

Getting started in freestyle slalom can be intimidating. How on earth do you make your feet weave seemingly impossible patterns? This site will take you through all the basics, including advice on what skates to get and how to set them up, tutorials for a full menu of beginning moves, tips and drills for developing skills and style, and recommendations for continued growth as a slalom skater.

This resource will make this learning process much faster and easier for you than it was for me. In my youth, I would see someone do a trick once and then attempt to copy them, practicing that move for weeks on end, improving gradually through mindless repitition. It took me six years to achieve a level of skating that I now see many skaters attain in a single year. Techniques I have developed in my years of studying and teaching can enable students to speed the learning process considerably and make it more fulfilling through intelligent practice. Mastery of the basics is key to this.

The world of freestyle slalom is overflowing with tricks to learn, and newly invented moves are coming out all the time. It is easy to become so caught up in learning the hottest new trick that you neglect the problems at the heart of your skating. You may be able to awkwardly execute that hot new trick, but without a solid foundation of basic skills, you will never be able to do it with beauty and grace.

Up till now there have been very few written resources to provide guidance for those who don’t have the advantage of easy access to a skilled slalom instructor. I hope this manual will help to fill that gap, and make slalom skating more accessible, no matter where you live.